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Project Reveal: Aberdeen Trail

The Aberdeen Trail project is completed, and I am excited to share the before, renderings, and reveal photos with you! This project is extra special to me because it was the first one I took on by myself under Melissa Mathieu Designs. Seeing the design come to life and witnessing how much my clients love it was incredibly rewarding!

My clients have an older home, and they’ve been updating rooms in the house over the last few years. The kitchen and dining room were next on their list, and they hired me to help with the design.


Previously, the peninsula was longer, making the walkway narrow and hard to navigate. The peninsula also had a strange dropdown area for seating, which was not conducive for guests.

Another issue was the large soffits around the perimeter, making the space feel cramped.


To help my clients visualize their future space, I created renderings of their kitchen and dining room with their selections. These renderings gave my clients more confidence in moving forward with the changes.

I kept the peninsula design but made it shorter to improve the flow throughout the kitchen.

Instead of eliminating the large soffits altogether, we made them smaller and wrapped them to look like beams, creating a fun design element in the space.

The Reveal

I’m thankful to Spacecrafting Photography for capturing this project!

One of my favorite elements in this kitchen is the floral-patterned roman shade on the window, which complements the cabinetry color nicely.

While designing this kitchen, I aimed to meet my client’s lifestyle needs. She loves to bake and cook, so she wanted plenty of storage space while maintaining a clean look. I designed specific cabinetry that allows everything to have a place - cookbooks, cookie sheets, and even her coffee maker. With an appliance garage, they can keep their coffee maker available and ready to use, but it’s stored away to maintain a clean look.

Throughout the kitchen, there are a few other creative storage solutions that I enjoyed designing, including this corner storage pullout.

During the design consultation process, I learned that my client had special pieces handed down from multiple generations of family that she wanted to display. I suggested glass cabinetry, and she loved the idea. Now, she can display all the decor while maintaining the same look in the cabinetry.

I’m thrilled with how this project turned out, and I'm glad my clients can now enjoy an updated kitchen that they love! Stay tuned for more projects from Melissa Mathieu Designs coming soon.

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