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Welcome! I am so glad you stumbled upon my page. Here at Melissa Mathieu Designs I love to have fun, use a little color (or a lot!), learn about you and what you are wanting & needing from me, do my research and bring you a fabulous design that you can not only fall in love with but connect with and enjoy! With my full-service design and connections with top vendors, no detail will be left out. Let's find you in every detail of your design! 

"Super easy to communicate with. We gave Melissa a basic idea of what we wanted for our kitchen/living room remodel. She 100% captured our style on the first design. I can’t wait to see her design become a reality!"




Meet your


Here at Melissa Mathieu Designs, we love teaming up with other designers, contractors and builders! What better way to team up and help take the load off of you and your work load. 


Are you a designer who needs help with 3D renderings and bringing your design to life? Are you a builder or contractor who is struggling to keep your home owners on task and to make design decisions in a timely manner? Are you a builder who has 2D floor plan drawings but think you could really sell a home with 3D renderings? Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for a partner to help sell a home? I am here to help! 


I have worked with multiple designers, builders, contractors and realtors nationwide and I would love to help you!

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